Full Body Physical Exam, Scene #01 - ASMR Fantasy

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391596 - ASMR FANTASY is an erotic and immersive roleplay series, providing an adult twist to some of the most popular ASMR themes available online. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is a physical sensation of tingling that usually begins in the scalp and moves down through the body. ASMR WHISPERERS are primarily women who make videos and podcasts devoted to whispering and stimulating various triggers. While not overtly erotic, the intimacy of ASMR videos has led many to wonder whether it is a fetish or not. For those who think it is, this is where we come in!It's time for your annual physical exam and Dr. Angela White is ready to see you.You are relaxed and everything seems to be going well as Dr. White asks you some basic health questions in a hushed tone. The rustling of paper and clicking of her pen sets your anxious mind at ease. You are entranced by the intensity of her eyes and curl of her lips.Dr. White gradually becomes more playful with the medical questions, especially when she asks about your sexual activities. Your wife is here with you the whole time, just out of view, and the doctor tells her she's a lucky woman... You're at your peak!When Dr. Angela is satisfied with the questionnaire, she finally moves onto the physical part of the exam. It's the part you've secretly been waiting for. As she snaps on the rubber gloves, rubbing them together, you tingle with anticipation.There's something extra mischievous in Dr. White's eyes as she finally tells you to turn around and bend over... This video contains whispering and soft-spoken words, skin contact sounds, breathing sounds, tapping sounds, paper rustling sounds, clicking sounds, scribbling sounds, rubber glove sounds, liquid sounds, wet sounds, and binaural/3D audio.

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Download this from ASMR Fantasy