Love Is In Your Future, Scene #01 - ASMR Fantasy

Channel: ASMR Fantasy

Get ready to feel more relaxed than ever with ASMR FANTASY, an erotic roleplay series.Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is the physical tingling sensation brought on by a number of triggers, which many ASMRtists have turned into an artform. These talented whisperers produce podcasts and videos dedicated to wielding sounds and visuals to leave their audience pleasantly tingling and wanting more. Luckily for you, ASMR FANTASY is ready to deliver in more ways than one.As Vanessa Vega walks into the room, there's a sense of wonder as she's surrounded by all things spiritual. She is soon greeted by the alluring and mysterious Madame Ariel Demure, who is ready to give you BOTH a sneak peek into Vanessa's future.You feel all your stress melt away as Ariel prepares for Vanessa's readings of all kinds. She starts by striking matches to light nearby candles, waving sage around to cleanse the air, and grinding tea leaves. After she pours hot water slowly over the leaves for a later reading, she turns her attention to a pack of cards while the tea steeps.As Ariel shuffles the cards and taps her long nails against them, she is thoughtful. She slowly pulls a card and reveals that Vanessa is going to have a sensual encounter in the near future... Wanting more information, Ariel moves onto consulting a crystal ball and reading the tea leaves. But with each reading, it becomes more and more clear that Ariel has the hots for Vanessa.Finally, when Ariel takes Vanessa's hand into her own to give her an intimate palm reading, all is revealed as Ariel declares that SHE is Vanessa's sensual encounter. Lucky for both Vanessa AND you, she is VERY willing to live in the moment!This video contains whispering and soft-spoken words, breathing sounds, fabric rustling sounds, rattling sounds, scratching sounds, tapping sounds, wet sounds, skin contact sounds, and binaural/3D audio.