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25362 - Kiara Cole has booked Chuck's Air Bnb for the weekend, but there is some confusion about price. Chuck shows the lovely Canadian the room with lots of natural light and indoor plumbing, and she couldn't be happier, but when it comes to discuss payment, Kiara tells Chuck she thought it was 250$ for three nights when the listing say 250 per night. Kiara doesn't have the 750$ budgeted, so she tells Chuck she has to go find a hostel. Feeling bad, Chuck lets the blonde stay for the cheaper price, and to thank him, she offers him a blowjob. Chuck isn't about to say no, especially when Kiara takes out her perky tits, and starts stroking his cock. Kiara makes Chuck cum on her face, then he returns the favor, and eats her pussy. When Kiara cums, Chuck gets hard again, and then fucks her sweet pussy until he cums on her again!

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Download this from Property Sex