Elena Heiress and Cosmo - Can He Score

Channel: Can He Score

Oh man this week we Elena Heiress. She's a Hot slamming babe from California incase you didn't know. Elena has Slamming tits and a big fat ass! She loves to play with herself and loves a fat dick in her plump pussy. But this week we have a little something different in store for her. We set her up on a date with Cosmo a construction worker who wanted to meet someone new and possibly fall in love get married and blah blah blah. We figured why not hook these two up and see what happens, who knows maybe they get a long and it turns out to be a great date or maybe it just blows up in his face. Just for kicks we took them both out on a fun activity like Ju-Jitsu martial arts training. Then a great lunch at a nice Italian restaurant over on the beach. That should be enough ample time for them to get to know each other better and to see if something comes up, because really we are only interested in one thing. If we put a regular guy and a porn star together....CAN HE SCORE?