Full Body Massage, Scene #01 - ASMR Fantasy

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391600 - Welcome to ASMR FANTASY, a sensual roleplay series putting a new spin on the most popular ASMR themes. ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is the feeling of complete and utter relaxation in response to certain stimuli, especially gentle sounds. This meditative state is often paired with a pleasant tingle starting from the scalp down, making it a truly unique experience.ASMR is a fast-growing phenomenon with new creators trying it out for the first time every day, and female creators are especially popular with audiences. These women are dedicated to creating content all about whispering and stimulating various triggers through sounds and visuals. Although it's not commonly thought of as being sexual, some people think that ASMR IS a fetish because of its intimate nature. If you personally think ASMR is erotic and want to be left tingling in more ways than one, you're in for a special treat!Let yourself slip into a deep state of meditation as Alina Lopez gives her favorite client, April O'Neil, a full-body massage that she'll never forget. From a soothing scalp massage to having warm liquid rubbed all over her naked body, April is beyond relaxed thanks to Alina's soft-spoken voice and the peaceful atmosphere surrounding them.Through Alina's tantalizing touch, April becomes putty in Alina's hands. As their glistening bodies reflect the candlelight around them, Alina puts her legendary tongue to work. She is slow and methodical as she savors April's moans of pleasure while caressing her breasts, letting the energy build between them. When Alina slips a buzzing vibrator into April's pussy, its low hum becomes a blissful, scalp-tingling backdrop to their intimate encounter... with the promise of more to come!This video contains whispering and soft-spoken words, liquid sounds, wet sounds, hairbrushing sounds, massage sounds, skin contact sounds, vibrating sounds, tapping sounds, breathing sounds, clacking sounds, binaural/3D audio.

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Download this from ASMR Fantasy